GMS Software Features

Green Medical Solutions offers a user- and environmentally-friendly (“green”), HIPAA-compliant software-as-a-service platform, built to enterprise-level standards, that allows your practice to run like a breeze. The system is “cloud-based,” so records are stored securely on remote servers. Data transmission occurs via a secure, 256-bit encrypted Internet connection.

The Green Medical Solutions platform is:


HIPAA laws require that “Covered Entities” (eg, doctors/medical practices) have a “HIPAA Business Associate Agreement” in place with “Business Associates” who come in contact with protected patient information. GMS software is protected through a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement signed and in place with Microsoft Corporation.


The GMS platform is versatile. It runs great on mobile devices. It can be used by a solo practitioner to process a patient from start to finish or it can be used in a busy office with multi-person office support. It even works great in a house-call setting. The system is built to accommodate practices with multiple providers and/or multiple locations.


A secure link can be emailed to patients, allowing completion of their patient intake form in advance. Upon arrival at the office, demographic info can be confirmed and driver’s license, medical records, signed forms, etc. can be scanned and quickly uploaded into the patient’s record. The practitioner can then access the patient’s record and complete a SOAP-style evaluation, select diagnoses from convenient drop-downs, add legal language, and create a signed and sealed medical record document. The system easily generates receipts, accounting reports, and patient recall lists.


The GMS platform eliminates paper and security concerns related to record handling and storage. Records are stored electronically and are exportable as .pdf documents that can be printed, if necessary. Document satisfy medical board requirements on record-keeping and have been successfully tested in court. The mini-recs (wallet and glovebox/grow-sized) allow patients to always be prepared and able to produce a doctor’s recommendation if needed. Recommendations can be verified 24/7/365 at “”

Designed to make your life happier.

With the GMS system, your office will run smoother. Your patients will appreciate the simplicity and time-savings (not to mention saving a tree). Reconciling cash and credit cards at the end of the day will be a snap. You will sleep better at night knowing that your record-keeping is compliant and your patient records are secure. A couple of patient visits can cover the cost of a month’s GMS subscription. And your patients (and you) will be protected.

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